You Have No Right to Stay Broken: A Story Guided Roadmap to Self-Actualization by Tashiyanna Noel (African-American)


How many times have you been broken because you were trying to prove yourself?

We can spend years trying to mold ourselves to fit the expectations of others, and still not measure up to their standards. Meanwhile society conditions us to be ashamed of such disappointments. "Failure is not an option." "Look on the bright side." "Good vibes only."

The more these positivity mantras are ingrained in us, the more we forget that life is a journey, and in order to enjoy the highs we must embrace the lows.

Bringing awareness to the work of leading psychology and neuroscience experts, Tashiyanna Noel has assembled the fundamentals surrounding alternative therapy options for anxiety, depression, and suicidal ideation.

You Have No Right to Stay Broken is her sensible and transparent roadmap designed to help increase your understanding of who you are and why, and find purpose in your existence.

The world is in need of bright, authentic souls that know how to experience emotions, live, and love deeply and openly. It's time you join thousands of others across the world on the path of self-actualization and discover a fulfilling life.

* * *

Tashiyanna Noel is an author, entrepreneur, and student of life. She is the creator of the holistic wellness company Mindwell Body + Soul, where she shares a comprehensive approach to self-coaching and overcoming symptoms of anxiety, depression and mental distress without pharmaceutical drugs. Tashiyanna began her mental health journey at sixteen, when she entered treatment for sexual assault. After weening herself off antidepressants in 2019, she became an advocate for mental health and alternative treatment options. She lives near Disney World in Orlando, FL with her son and her dog Sirius Black.