Diversifying your AAPI Reading

Diversifying your AAPI Reading

Part of my reading challenge this month is to read books that represent Asian countries that are not often represented in diverse stories.

Asia is the LARGEST continent with about 50 countries (sites differed on the number of countries, I'm assuming based on who is considered independent or not. Borders are complicated and political, unfortunately). Yet, the stories I read are mainly representing the same 10 or so countries, mainly in East Asian.

Which countries' stories have you never read? Make it a goal to find a title by an author from that country.

I got some Tuma's Books recs by Asian writers from lesser represented countries. Check em out. =)

On Earth We're Briefly Beautiful (Literary Fiction)
The Magic Fish (MG, Graphic Novel)
Inside Out and Back Again (Novel in Verse)

Patron Saint of Nothing (Contemporary YA)
I Was Their American Dream (Graphic Novel, Memoir)
World of Wonders (Nonfiction, Nature)

The Girl and the Ghost (MG, Fantasy)

A Wish in the Dark (MG, Fantasy Adventure)
The Last Mapmaker (MG, Fantasy Adventure)

What's in your AAPI stack this month?

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