Tuma's Books Rewards Program

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    Frequently Asked Questions:

    How do I join Book Lovers Rewards?

    It’s free to join. Simply click the "Earn Rewards" tab on the lower left corner. You can also enroll when you register for a new account. All rewards program members must accept the Rewards Program Terms and Conditions before they can participate in Book Lover Rewards, including redeeming Rewards Points for Rewards Codes or receiving any other Reward benefits.

    Who is eligible to participate in Book Lover Rewards?

    You must be a United States resident who is at least 18 years old to participate. All eligible customers are more than welcome!

    How do I earn Rewards Points?

    You can earn Rewards Points by making qualifying purchases, sharing on social media, and other fun ways. Stay tuned for additional ways to earn points.

    How can I use Rewards Points?

    You can apply your Rewards Points toward future purchases on Tumasbooksandthings.com. Every $1 will grant 10 reward points. You may also use your Rewards Points for other purposes as may be provided from time to time. Rewards Points accumulated under the Rewards Program are promotional in nature and have no cash value.

    How can I see my Rewards Point balance?

    You can view your Rewards Point balance by logging into your account and visiting your account page. You'll also periodically get a Rewards Point balance email from us.

    Is there a limit on how many Rewards Points I can earn?

    There is no limit on the number of Rewards Points you can earn by making qualifying purchases but there IS a limit on the total number of Rewards Points you can earn by participating in all other qualifying opportunities to earn Rewards Points, such as creating your account. We refer to these qualifying opportunities to earn bonus Rewards Points (including any other qualifying opportunities to earn bonus Rewards Points that we may offer you in the future) as “Promotional Activities.” You can only earn a maximum of 50,000 Rewards Points per calendar year for participating in Promotional Activities. Once you have earned 50,000 Rewards Points for participating in Promotional Activities in a calendar year, you may continue to participate in Promotional Activities but you will not receive Rewards Points for your participation.

    When will my earned Rewards Points be reflected in my account?

    We do our best to award Rewards Points earned for qualifying purchases to your Rewards Program Account within 24 hours of purchase. Rewards Points earned for eligible participation in Promotional Activities may take 7 or more days to be added to your Rewards Program Account.

    Why do I have a negative Rewards Point balance?

    If you void a purchase or return your purchase, we will deduct the Rewards Points that you were awarded for that purchase from your Rewards Program Account. If you have already redeemed those Rewards Points, this could potentially result in a negative Rewards Point balance in your Rewards Program Account.

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