Tuma's Purpose

You want uniquely diverse books, right? Because you know that representation is important and that diversifying the identities, experiences, and perspectives of people we read about makes us more knowledgeable, empathetic, and powerful members of society. 

But how are readers who value diversity supposed to find diverse books when Stephen King and Colleen Hoover and celebrity memoirs are at the top of MOST bestsellers lists? Or when the same types of stories, identities, and representation are given the BULK of the marketing dollars from publishers? OR when non-BIPOC writers are being paid (and usually MORE) to write our stories?

↪️You turn to your indie bookstores. At Tuma’s Books, I’m here to get down and dirty, scouring the internet and publisher catalogs for titles that represent diverse cultural backgrounds that you might not otherwise find on your own. I aim to offer you titles that help you grow, inspire you, and/or leave you in awe. 

I’m the book bestie with the best recs, whose recommendations almost always become your new favorite reads. I get to know my customers intimately, meaning I can make pretty personalized recs. You can call me the Diverse Book Matchmaker Fairy Buddy (the name needs work…). As an avid reader and an experienced educator, I’m good at finding the right book for the right reader. 

To get started, browse titles, check out the monthly book club, sign up for the membership program, explore my social purpose programs, or read more about how I got started

Find your new favorite reads today. You don’t have to keep reading the same old stories that are presented to you. Expand your horizons at Tuma’s Books with its carefully selected titles by culturally diverse, BIPOC authors because authentic representation matters. 🫰🏾