Tuma's Mission & Vision- Loving Books, Creating Community

At Tuma’s Books, I understand book lovers. I know that those who read value connection and community. They thrive on getting lost in other worlds and visualizing what can be. They are imaginative, creative, and empathetic. They love hard and deeply. They may be reserved and enjoy their own company. Yet, they adore what makes all of us human.
As an alternative to Amazon or Barnes and Nobles, all of my books and gifts are handpicked by a fellow book lover (myself) who understands how valuable reading is in feeding the human soul. Each item is meant to make you smile as it reminds you of what you love most about books--the adventure, the flawed characters, the surprises, the joy. Our Monthly Book Club titles are a great alternative for more diverse literary choices, lovingly packaged with cute gifts and personalized notes. It's joy every month!
I aim to create a space where readers of all shades and creeds connect and form a community around their common love--books. While we are only just beginning, my vision includes expanding to genre-specific book gift sets, original book art and merchandise, book clubs discussions/events, author talks, promoting literacy in communities of color by supporting non-profits, and more. In a world where it feels like books and reading are slowly dying out, I aim to revitalize and prove that they are still very much alive within the hearts of those who cherish them.

If books and reading is your life, if you enjoy simple pleasures, and if you're young at heart, then this is your home. Thank you for joining me in my journey.

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