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It's one thing to write a book and it's something entirely different getting it published. Similar to many areas in life, writers of color have increased barriers to being published through a publishing house. As a result, the number of self-published writers has steadily been on the rise. At Tuma's Books, we strive to amplify voices of color and this self-published/indie promotion page is another step towards of my goals.

If you are (or know of) a writer of color who has self-published a book, please email me at or complete the form below. 

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Genre: Fantasy

The Surge by Mike Haynes Pitts--Book Baby, Self-Published Writers of COlor


by Mike Haynes-Pitts

About the Book: The Surge Series is a book about the adventures of Afia Osuwu as she navigates the world of a cyberpunk Africa.
The Surge Series features the experiences of Afia Osuwu - a detective - and her forays into the underground of a cyberpunk Accra, Ghana. In this book, Afia will find love, loss and deception from the medley of characters she will encounter.
About The Author: Mike Haynes-Pitts is an high school educator who runs the BrainyBlerd podcast on soundcloud. His ventures into writing are into the Afrocentric, LGBTQ and cyberpunk genres.

Genre: Space Fantasy Novella


Space Wizards: The Ballad of the Bladesinger by Jelani Wilson

The first part of a larger "literary mixtape" by Jelani Wilson called Space Wizards! and tells the story of five cosmic mages after a failed attempt to topple a technocratic regime that ruthlessly controls all interstellar travel and activity for dominion and profit. After their defeat, our heroes have been left scattered across a cluster of star systems known as the Constellation.

Demoralized, these five survivors embark on cruel, lonely journeys to a destination of last resort. Through acts of bravery, a philosophy of intelligent combat, and feats of cosmic sorcery, they face certain death in a desperate attempt to catalyze liberation for all.

About the Author: Jelani Wilson is a speculative fiction writer, itinerant educator, wildly inconsistent blogger, and nerdy introvert. Keep up to date with his latest book releases at and say hi at

Genre: Fiction - Horror


Suffer Not the Children
by Robert Jr Subiaga

About the BookTwo children, left alone in a poor cottage, face an army of the undead. Only to be visited by a mysterious swordsman:mercenary and Inquisitor-priest; philosopher, and barbarian. Will they all be each others' salvation? Or are there more things to beware of than the dead who walk the night? In this novella of dark fantasy and historical horror, Subiaga's quintessential protagonist, Thane "Le Mal," the swordsman and scholar from Western lands many do not yet know exist, ventures across a 15th century "Old World" he was not born into. Coming head to head with its temporal and spiritual wars--and it's most visceral terrors.

About the Author: Robert Jr. Subaiga is a mixed (Filipino-Ukrainian) writer who's been writing for most of forty years. You can find his previous releases on Amazon.