Two Times Removed: An Anthology of Indo-Caribbean Fiction, edited by Tiara Jade Chutkhan


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The Indo-Caribbean community carries a distinct history and culture that took its shape when our ancestors came from India to the Caribbean as indentured labourers more than 150 years ago. From the beginning, our community has had many talented storytellers who have passed down history, folktales, and the experiences of our people, paving the way for each generation that followed. Two Times Removed brings together a curated collection of sixteen short stories written by the new generation of Indo-Caribbean storytellers. For many of us who have been raised outside of our home countries, our identity is a delicate balance of Indian roots, Caribbean heritage and North American upbringing. Together, these writers explore adolescence, relationships, trauma, family, identity and more, bringing to life the experiences of the modern day Indo-Caribbean. Each character, as we do, navigates their world with the influences of all these elements, making them uniquely Two Times Removed.

Featuring work by: Ashley Anthony, Saira Batasar, Kamala Chan Anna Chowthi, Tiara Jade Chutkhan, Alexandra Daignault, Tiffany Manbodh, Alyssa Mongroo, Savita Prasad, Natasha Persaud, Karimah Rahman, Suhana Rampersad, Krystal Ramroop, Jihan Ramroop, Mari "Dev" Ramsawakh, and Alya Somar

Cover design by: Chelsi Bhagan