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2023 Reading and Book Club Goals

Better late than never! Time for Tuma's Books' 2022 Book Club "Diversity" Wrapped!

Here's the representation stats for my Book Club titles this year: 

Book Club Diversity Stats

In total, I offered 45 amazing, diverse books for you to try. Some were super popular and well-received. Others, we need to show some love in 2023.

Overall, Asia and the Caribbean had the most varied representation, which I'm proud of, though there's still a lot of room for improvement. I offered books that represented 9 different nations in Asia (but Asia is humongous) and 6 different Caribbean islands.

My goals for next year:
- Increase representation for the Pacific Islands and Latin America.
- Increase Native American/Indigenous and Biracial representation.
- Increase representation of individuals with disabilities.
- Vary the representation of African authors, sorry Nigeria, there are 53 other countries.

Thanks for all of your support and joining me in my mission to help myself and others diversify the stories that we read. 💜

* * *

As for my own personal reading goals this year, I'm trying to read at least 65 books.

I want to read more nonfiction. For real this time. At least one per month. 

I want to actually track the diversity I'm reading this year. 

I'm participating in several reading challenges on Instagram: #20BooksbyBlackMen and #FiveRereads #10Books10Decades 

I've also created by own challenges: #20BooksbyAfricanWomen #20BooksbyMuslimWomen Join me on IG and Storygraph!


Here's to reading diversely this year!



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