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Monthly Diverse Reads - One Time or Subscription

Monthly Diverse Reads - One Time or Subscription

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June 2024 Diverse Reads:

1. Womb City by Tlotlo Tsamaase (Botswana) - Science Fiction

This genre-bending Africanfuturist horror novel blends The Handmaid’s Tale with Get Out in an adrenaline-packed, cyberpunk body-hopping ghost story exploring motherhood, memory, and a woman’s right to her own body.

Nelah seems to have it all: fame, wealth, and a long-awaited daughter growing in a government lab. But, trapped in a loveless marriage to a policeman who uses a microchip to monitor her every move, Nelah’s perfect life is precarious. After a drug-fueled evening culminates in an eerie car accident, Nelah commits a desperate crime and buries the body, daring to hope that she can keep one last secret.

The truth claws its way into Nelah’s life from the grave. 

As the ghost of her victim viciously hunts down the people Nelah holds dear, she is thrust into a race against the clock: in order to save any of her remaining loved ones, Nelah must unravel the political conspiracy her victim was on the verge of exposing—or risk losing everyone. 

Set in a cruel futuristic surveillance state where bodies are a government-issued resource, this harrowing story is a twisty, nail-biting commentary on power, monstrosity, and bodily autonomy. In sickeningly evocative prose, Womb City interrogates how patriarchy pits women against each other as unwitting collaborators in their own oppression. In this devastatingly timely debut novel, acclaimed short fiction writer Tlotlo Tsamaase brings a searing intelligence and Botswana’s cultural sensibility to the question: just how far must a woman go to bring the whole system crashing down?

2. Guns & Almond Milk by Mustafa Marwan (Egyptian-British author; set in Yemen) - Thriller/Crime - for Immigrants Heritage Month

An adrenaline-fueled journey into war-torn Yemen, this novel is the perfect read for fans of fast-paced fiction.

Luke Archer, a British Egyptian doctor, runs from his problematic past in the UK and becomes a war surgeon. When he is taken hostage by Western security contractors in a besieged hospital in Yemen, he realizes that after spending years saving the lives of others, he needs to face the demons of his past in order to save his own.

Guns and Almond Milk is a study of identity, war and redemption. It is The Sympathizer mixed with M.A.S.H by the way of Ramy.

Born to Egyptian parents and raised as a first-generation British Muslim, Luke Archer struggles to be from two worlds at the same time. He is working in a humanitarian mission in Aden, at the height of the Yemeni conflict. Max Gorsky, Luke's new patient, is a security contractor working for the government forces. Rebel forces have taken over the city, and Max's team is now taking refuge in the city's hospital, in preparation for their final stand. Luke and his team find themselves caught in a deadly clash between the ruthless rebel group and the desperate security contractors. At the same time, Max and Luke need to settle debts from their shared past in the UK where they joined forces in fencing a multi-million-dollar stolen artifact operation that went wrong.

Guns and Almond Milk is a fast-paced story of love, murder, and thrill that provides readers with a fresh perspective on humanitarian work, religion, assimilation, and Middle Eastern politics.

3. The God of Good Looks by Breanne Mc Ivor (Trinidad & Tobago) - Romance - for Caribbean Heritage Month

Disgraced model-writer Bianca Bridge can’t stand hotshot makeup maven Obadiah Cortland. And he lets her know the feeling is mutual. But when working together is their last resort, they must navigate scandal, revenge, and unexpected affection to unlock the beauty that’s found in redemption.

Getting a second chance is a beautiful thing…

Bianca Bridge is like an eyeshadow palette. She's a vibrant kaleidoscope of big personality and even bigger dreams, with a tendency towards messiness and fallout. Case in point: losing her job and ruining her reputation by having an affair with a married government official.

Her fiercely confident and tyrannical new boss Obadiah Cortland—a legend in Trinidad's beauty scene—is like a statement red lipstick. Dubbed the God of Good Looks, Obadiah has perfected his hotshot façade through years of slipping through the island's rigid class barriers. He knows as well as Bianca that the tiniest smudge can ruin your image.

When Bianca's ex threatens both their futures, they must find a way to work together to save everything they care about. But, underneath their clashing personalities, as they strive to protect everyone in their shared orbit and begin to let down their carefully constructed masks, is it possible that one of the things they care about is…each other? 

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About Monthly Diverse Reads:

Discover a world of diverse literature with our Monthly Diverse Reads!

Elevate your reading experience by immersing yourself in our curated selection of the new releases & backlist titles written by Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. If you're seeking an effortless way to explore a range of perspectives without the hassle of endless searches, Monthly Diverse Reads is your solution.

Each month, choose from a carefully curated collection of three captivating and culturally diverse books. Skip the research with it diverse book club, avoid navigating lengthy lists, and eliminate worries about problematic content – Tuma takes care of it all for you.

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