Tuma's Books operates as a Social Purpose Corporation. I believe in impact over profit and pursue both social and financial goals in how I operate my business. 

Our mission is to provide free diverse books to classrooms and communities that need it most by partnering with educators and nonprofit organizations with literacy programs. With your generous donations and a portion of Tuma's Books profits, we can offer free diverse books that reflect the identities of the students and/or community members being served. 

To support our mission, send your donations via Venmo (@TumasBooks), CashApp ($TumasBooks), or Paypal. Make sure to leave a note that says, "Book Donations." 

To request free diverse books, submit this Book Donation Request form for the chance to receive FREE Diverse books for your classroom or organization. 

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Norwood Community Free Library

December 17th, 2022 Donation: Norwood Community Library, A Bronx Book Exchange Program. Brandon offers Free Books at 3400 Reservoir Oval East + on weekends at 169th Street and East Gun Hill Road when weather permits. Since August 26th, 2018!

July 10th, 2022 Donation: The Bronx Collab, a co-working space at 3866 White Plains Rd, The Bronx, NY 10467. Tea hosted an amazing event for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talents. I was able to provide over 20 books for kids to take with them and build their home libraries.