Collection: Giving Back Reading Recs

At Tuma's Books, we believe in building community and that we are stronger together. Our unique Giving Back Reading Recs collection provides readers with impactful reading about important humanitarian, and/or social justice issues across the globe, while making a difference.

We offer titles that provide necessary historical context, and/or authentic representation of the people impacted in their own voices and perspectives. 

20% of all Giving Back Reading Recs sales are donated to local grassroot organizations doing the important work of providing humanitarian aid on the ground. It takes a village and I appreciate you being a part of ours. 

Our collective impact through donations as of May 1st, 2024:

  • Palestine - $519.40
  • Democratic Republic of Congo - $66.59
  • Haiti - $32.80
  • Sudan - $39.38
  • Yemen - $29.86

Total= $688.03