Diverse Books for Educators & Community Orgs

As an educator or community organization, it's incredibly important for diverse books to be available for ALL students and members of your community.

It's our responsibility to ensure that all students/communities, but especially our young people from marginalized communities, have access to authentic stories reflecting who they are.

It's equally as important for them to learn about others by reading different perspectives. Young people need both mirror texts (stories that reflect who they are) and window texts (stories that provide glimpse into others' worlds) to be thoughtful readers and people. 

Here's how Tuma's Books can help you diversify your classroom library and curriculum or support your community programs

1. Email me for specific recommendations for your population of students or community members using the contact form below. 

2.  Shop Wholesale/Bulk Books by submitting a request below. Or host a virtual/in-person book fair or book drive for your students. 

3.  Donate or Submit Request for our Free Diverse Books Donation Program.

4. Join Libro.fm's Complimentary Advanced Listening Copies (ALC) Program for Educators.

5. Teachers can use registries on Bookshop.org to request and receive books to help start or fill out their classroom libraries. Any purchases will support both Tuma's Books and your classroom. Tell me about your students and classroom (in the form below) and I am happy to create a registry tailored for you and your kiddos!


To submit requests, contact us using the form below:

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