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[Book Feature] Lizards Hold the Sun by Dani Trujillo (Mexican/Indigeneous Rep + Romance)

What's your favorite romance trope?

Lizards Hold the Sun by Dani Trujillo is an adventurous romance with all indigenous characters. It's hopeful and light-hearted as it explores Xiomara and Calhan being torn between their responsibilities to family and preserving cultural history and choosing their own happiness.

Set in Bunchberry, Canada, Lizards Hold the Sun gives us the opportunity to learn about the fascinating field of archaeology and Mexican Indigenous culture, as well as enjoy a spicy/sweet romance rooted in care and respect with well-rounded characters.

Diversify your reading, expand your horizons, and fall in love! #BookRepMatters

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💬 What's the last romance that made you SWOON?

For me, it was A Caribbean Heiress in Paris. I loved Luz and Evan so much! I can't wait for the 2nd book in Las Leonas series, An Island Princess Starts a Scandal. I know Manuela's story is gonna be 🌶️. Also excited to explore the art world instead of rum/whiskey world in the first book.

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