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[Book Feature] Notes on Her Color by Jennifer Neal (Magical Realism, Biracial Rep)

💬 Do you enjoy magical realism or speculative fiction?

June Book Club Spotlight on Notes on Her Color by Jessica Neal

🤔 What is magical realism? How is it different from fantasy?
Magical realism and speculative fiction remain anchored to the real world. The added elements of magic are somewhat realistic as they are often rooted in spiritual beliefs or are an extension of our current reality. They often answer the question of "what if...". At least, this is my understanding of a sub-genre that I deeply enjoy. What do you think?

If given a chance to chance the color of one's skin, how many of us would consider doing so? In a world in which lighter/whiter skin is afforded more priveledge and opportunity than brown/darker skin and the bleaching industry is a multi-million dollar one--I think Jennifer Neal is on to something in exploring this in her debut novel, Notes on Her Color.

Gabrielle is Black and Indigenous and inherited the ability to change her skin color. Advised by her mother, Gabrielle passes for white to avoid the wrath of her father. But when her mother is hospitalized due to a mental health crisis, Gabrielle has to find her own way for the first time ever. Her piano teacher, a queer, dark-skinned woman named Dominique, will be the catalyst for Gabrielle learning how love can be a liberating force from destructive origins.

Notes on Her Color explores themes of familial dependency, abuse, mother-daughter bonds, colorism/race, and mental health in unique ways. This will NOT be an easy read, but it will definitely be one that stays with you for a long time. Order your copy as June Book Club pick at www.tumasbooks.com

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