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Book Rant/Review: Persepolis 1 & 2 by Marjane Satrapi

Persepolis at its core is about a young woman finding herself in a world that isn't open to such freedoms. 

There's lots of info on Iranian history, which I knew little about. All of the background info could be a little overwhelming and a bit of an overload at times, especially with the small font. However, I learned so much. Just need to take your time with those parts of the story. 

Marji is such a rebel and funny as hell at some moments; frustrating and annoying at others (aka typical adolescent angst). But she's REAL. And that's what I enjoy best about Persepolis. I can easily relate to Marji. Her parents are also super dope (let her be completely herself). 
Heartbreaking ending to part 1 makes it instantly necessary to grab part 2 to continue Marji's story & journey. And Part 2 was a great continuation with a fitting ending. 
Recommend for people who enjoy:
-Graphic novels
-Strong, relatable female characters 
-Learning historical context & background about different countries/time periods 
- Memoirs
- Books in translation
📚 About the Book:
Satrapi tells the story of her life in Tehran, Iran from ages six to fourteen, years that saw the overthrow of the Shah’s regime, the triumph of the Islamic Revolution, and the devastating effects of war with Iraq.
📚 About the Author:
Marjane Satrapi was born in 1969 in Rasht, Iran. She grew up in Tehran, where she studied at the French school, before leaving for Vienna and Strasbourg to study decorative arts. She currently lives in Paris and is also the author of several children's books.
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