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8 Diverse New Releases by BIPOC Authors to Add to your TBR!

Every week, there are amazing new books released for readers to get their hands on. It can be hard to keep track of all of the new titles. So, I've collected a few diverse new releases by BIPOC authors that I think we would all really enjoy. 

Silver Nitrate by Silvia Moreno-Garcia: a dark YA thriller with Mexican Representation

If you are seeking something to raise the hair on your arms, this might be for you. Set in 90s Mexico City, Montserrat is an overlooked talented female sound editor, left out of the boy's club. Though she's been in love with him since childhood, she's all but invisible to her best friend and crush, Tristán. 

Tristan discovers that his new neighbor is the legendary the cult horror director Abel Urueta, who claims to be able to change their lives, as long as they can aid him in lifting his curse by filming the missing scene from his incomplete film. 

Soon Montserret and Tristan find themselves haunted by different entities and must figure out the mystery of this film and their town. 

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Temple Folk by Aaliyah Bilal: Short Stories, Black Muslim Representation

If you are looking for a collection of stories that explore topics of race, religion, economics, politics, and sexuality in America then this may be a rec to explore. These ten stories in this collection portray the experiences of the Black Muslim community that often isn't in the mainstream. You will explore the presentation of moral failures paired with compassion, nuance, and humor.

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Banyan Moon by Thao Thai: Literary Fiction, Vietnamese-American Representation

Ann Tran is in a sticky situation between a positive pregnancy test and the passing of her beloved grandmother. Returning home to Florida, she now has to work through rebuilding her relationship with her estranged mother, Huơng, without the person who held them together, their grandmother. As they both try to deal with their grief, they discover that grandmother left them both the Banyan House. A house fill of mystery. A parallel story about their grandmother as a lovestruck teenager. What's not to love?

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Goodbye Earl: A Revenge Novel by Leesa Cross-Smith: YA , Black Representation

Four women take fate into their own hands in this big-hearted story of friendship, resilience, and revenge on monstrous men. In 2004, Rosemarie, Ada, Caroline, and Kasey are in their final days of high school. Fifteen years later, Kasey returns for the first time since HS and she's still never told her friends what happened that fateful summer after HS that made her abruptly leave their small town. But when Kasey notices concerning signs that one of her girls might be in danger, she's taken back to that fateful summer. Taking matters into their own hands, this time Kasey and her friends are committed to protecting those they love.

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Owner of a Lonely Heart by Beth Nguyen: Memoir, Vietnamese Representation

When Beth Nguyen was a baby, her entire family fled Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War, except for Beth's mother, who was left behind. They reunite when Beth is nineteen. This novel explores parenthood, absences, and refugees. Here's a memoir that will definitely pull at your heart's strings.

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The Shadow Sister by Lily Meade: YA Mystery/ThrillerBiracial and Black Representation

Casey's sister Sutton went missing. And then returned. But not the same as when she left. Sutton doesn't remember anything about when she was gone and Casey wants to uncover the truths behind it all.

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Clementine and Danny Save the World (and Each Other) by Livia Blackburne: YA Romantic Comedy, Chinese/Taiwanese Representation

Clementine Chan runs a blog reviewing Chinatown tea shops as "Hibiscus" and understands the power of words. Danny Mok is opposed to change and hence opposes the gentrification of Chinatown. He channels his frustrations online, arguing with "Hibiscus" as BobaBoy888. When their beloved tea shop is threatened, they come together in activism to try to save the community that they both love. As they fall in love, they have no clue that the other is the online personas they've been fighting for years.

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Like Lava In My Veins by Derrick Barnes: Children's Fantasy Graphic Novel, Black Representation

A heartfelt story of how a loving teacher helps a boy get control of his sizzling superpowers. Bobby Beacon’s got fire flowing through his veins. But on the first day at a new school with an unwelcoming teacher, his fiery temper gets him sent to the principal's office. When he's moved to another class with a more understanding teacher, he learns how to stay calm, care for others, and become the best version of himself.

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I hope you've found some new titles for your TBR! Let me know which titles interest you the most.

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