Preferred Book Format?

Preferred Book Format

What's your preferred book format? Hardcover, Paperback, E-book, and/or Audiobook?

For me, it's complicated. As per usual. haha
Each book permit as its perks and downsides.

Here's my Tuma logic:

Hardcover: Sturdy and I love when there's a design surprise when you remove the book jacket. BUT, if it falls on your face, #PAIN. Also, price can also cause #PAIN. Books typically are released as hardcover first, so if can be patient, you can grab the more affordable paperback a year or so later. But I wonder what it means for books that go straight to paperback... *hmm emoji* (Last hardcover book purchase was #DearSenthuran by #AkwaekeEmezi.)

Paperback: Soft, light weight. Easy to sneak into luggage on travels or into your purse to meet up with friends (the might be late and waiting alone is torturous, but you're never alone with a book). Water or any liquid is a paperback's worst enemy though. Might find yourself replacing your most cherished paperbacks as the pages curl. (#RecentRead #allaboutlove in paperback.)

E-Books: Convenience is key here! I typically loan e-books rather than purchase. If I'm spending money, I rather have tangible book. But I love convenience of multiple books on a single device. Oh nooo, I forgot to take a book with me. *tears* But wait, never fear, the LIBBY app is here! (#JustRead #WildRain by #BeverlyJenkins on e-book.)

Audiobooks: This is recent for me and I'm so proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone. I'm not the best auditory learner, but audiobooks are great for multi-task reading. I listen on my commutes to and from work and it's helped me get even closer to my reading goals. Sometimes, making my body be still enough to read can be a struggle, but I took advantage of my 40 min commute both ways to add in some reading time into my life. I haven't mastered the audiobooks while doing chores thing cause I find myself just standing and listening rather than actually working. lol For audiobooks, the genre and narrator VERY MUCH matters if I'm not going to just space out. (#1619Project)

At the end of the day, ANY FORMAT is VALID reading and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! 🧐

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