Tuma Book Rant: Let's Talk About Love by Claire Kann

LEt's Talk about Love by Claire kannAlice is asexual and while she's come to terms with it INSIDE, telling others outside of her two best friends is a different story. When her girlfriend breaks up with her because it's clear Alice doesn't enjoy sex and only has it because Margot wants it, Alice is set on a journey of figuring out how to get what she wants in life, academically, romantically, and in her friendships. And meeting Takumi is the catalyst she needs to start taking action.

Tuma's Rant:
- Black, Bisexual, Ace protagonist (Alice--my first read with BIPOC female Ace rep; I've read gay romance/erotica with ace rep)
- Japanese-American (Takumi) and Filipino (Ryan, I believe) characters
- This book normalizes therapy which I loved so much!
- It also explore themes of toxic or unbalanced friendships, as well as family pressure in dictating your future. Super important for a new adult novel because we tend to think it's something that impacts young people/teens. I don't know about you, but I did NOT feel very "adulty" at 19 in undergrad.
- Some poly vibes from Alice/Feenie/Ryan as a part platonic throuple (at least platonic from Alice's end).
- Takumi and Alice are absolutely adorbs. I love how open and direct they were about their feelings in the end.
- This story made me Squeee through most of it. Definitely warmed my heart and exactly what I needed to escape the stresses of work the past week.
- Would highly recommend for diversity, humor, and mega sweetness. 💜

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