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Tuma Book Rant: Two Times Removed, edited by Tiara Jade Chutkhan (Review)

"Talking prevents, talking helps, and talking heals."
Representation: Indo-Caribbean Canadians, Children of immigrants or immigrated as children, Muslim Indo-Caribbean 
Overall, I enjoyed reading this collection for the exposure to Indo-Caribbean culture and perspective, as the editor intended. 
As with most story collections, it's hit or miss with each story. Some of the stories read like average personal statements for college, but there were a few really well written stories that packed a punch. However, each one was AUTHENTIC in its representation of what it means to be Indo-Caribbean to that writer. More importantly, we learn like all groups, there is no singular Indo-Caribbean experience but there are certain historical circumstances and their impact that link them together. 
I learned a lot reading this collection and also realized how little I know about Indian indentured servants brought to the Caribbean after the end of the slave trade. Definitely need to do more reading on this. 
I wouldn't even know of Indo-Caribbean culture if not for one of my best friends being Guyanese. 
I added Two Times Removed to my online bookstore in her honor because we all deserve to see ourselves and our families reflected in stories. 🧡
If you haven't read this collection or need to diversify your reading with Indo-Caribbean rep, then I recommend this book. Shop at Tuma's Books today. 
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