2022: One Thing I'm NOT Giving Up This Year

Hey Friends! How's it going?

It's the 2nd week of January, only 3% through 2022 and I'm already exhausted! Omicron is wrecking havoc in NYC as to be expected in a city this big. Our mayor insists on keeping schools open, despite hundreds of positive cases a day. My school decided to go virtual on Wed. January 5th, hoping to return in-person on Tues. January 18th. So, just doing the best I can to keep learning happening online.

Otherwise, I'm doing well. Took the opportunity to come down to North Carolina to visit my in-laws. It's been nice getting to know my husband's cousins and check out southern living.

I've also been reflecting on 2022 and what changes I need to make. I've thought about not eating six Ferrer Roche's before bed or getting back to working out or not ordering more pens when I already have a million. But one bad habit I'm NOT willing to give up is buying books faster than I can possibly read them. I don't care what anyone says, collecting books and reading them are TWO completely separate hobbies and I happen to enjoy both. I love that my books can't fit on my shelves even though they are double shelved. I love seeing all the possible future reads. I love taking the time to reorganize once a year.

What's something you love that you're not willing to give up this year?

Happy New Year and here's to seeking and embracing the things that bring us joy!

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