Colección: Giving Back Reading Recs for Yemen

Our Giving Back Reading Recs provide readers with books that expand their perspectives on global issues from the voices of the people themselves. Proceeds from each sale are donated to respective grass root organizations providing essential humanitarian aid and service on the ground where it matters most.

Review our donation record document for full transparency of our collective impact.

Explore these curated books about Yemen by Yemeni authors. After nine years of war, Yemen remains one of the world's worst humanitarian crises. An estimated 4.5 million people—14 percent of the population—are currently displaced, most of whom have been displaced multiple times over a number of years.

Every month, 20% of all sales from these titles will be donated to Yemen Aid, a nonprofit organization based in both the US and Yemen. Founded by Yemeni-Americans, the mission of Yemen Aid is to ensure the "Every Yemeni is self-sufficient and has access to clean water, healthcare, education and economic opportunities."

Thank you for helping us support the people of the Yemen.