About Tuma's Books - Creating a Better World Through Diverse Reads

Dear Reader,

Tuma's Books

We know that reading is powerful and changes lives, especially when we're reading diversely. Like YOU, I love reading diversely but it can be HARD finding authentic representation, especially for the various identities, heritage, and lived experiences of BIPOC folks.

That's why I created Tuma’s Books. I wanted a place for all types of readers to feel seen, come together, and unite in their passion for books, diverse stories, and making the world a better place for everyone.

If you're looking for books that:

  • represent cultures not often reflected in literature 
  • you might not find on your own,
  • need more attention and promotion, and
  • will worm their way into our hearts and remain there forever and ever and ever

Then you're in the right place!

The only thing I love more than books, puns, and creating community is the idea of helping readers like you find amazing, authentic stories by Black, Indigenous, and POC authors that you're fall in love with.

So whether you're looking for your next fantasy adventure, a gift for mom's birthday, or a picture book you can read aloud to your toddler a thousand times without it getting old, Tuma's here to help you with all the recs. 

~ Fatuma (aka Tuma)

  Meet the Owner:  

Tuma, Owner of Tuma's Books with All About Love by bell hooks
Fatuma aka Tuma Hydara (she/her/hers), Educator & Bookseller/Owner 
  • Astrology Sign: Libra (October 13th)
  • Heritage: Gambian-American, Muslim
  • Favorite Genres: Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Romance, Graphic Novels, and Memoirs
  • Likes: Books (duh), Puns/Corny Jokes, Gummi Candy, Bookmarks & Stickers, Chatting about Books
  • Dislikes: Bullies, Food Touching Each Other on Plate, Book bans


      Our Values  

    Tuma's Books - Representation Matters; Read Diversely1. We’re willing to accept feelings of discomfort to gain a broader understanding of others in our global community.

    2. Our reading goals are focused on quality over quantity because we know the more we learn about others, the less assumptions we hold.
    3. We firmly believe in the power of STORYTELLING and WHO gets to tell their own stories.


        Our Story  

      I’m a reader; I’ve come out of the womb reading as far as I’m concerned. However, my favorite books as a child did not reflect who I was as a Muslim, First Generation, Gambian-American girl. 

      As an educator, it hit me one day that the stories I was bringing into the classroom didn’t reflect the Black and Brown children sitting in front of me. 

      So, I started my journey to diversify my reading with Tuma's Books Owner at Popup EventChimamanda Adichie and Tomi Adeyemi as I sought out African authors. I brought titles like The Hate U Give by Angie Thomas and I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by Erika Sanchez into my classroom for students. 

      Then, COVID -19 happened and like many people I started reevaluating where I was in my life. Since I was teaching remotely, I found myself with A LOT of extra time when daily commuting wasn’t part of my life. I got back into reading. FOR FUN. And it was illuminating, powerful, and mind-opening.

      And one day in May of 2020 …there was a little whisper. “Psssttt! Heyyy Tuma, remember that retirement plan of opening up a bookstore/cafe in the Bronx. Why wait ‘til retirement?”

      Next thing I know, I have a website and Tuma's Books is born!

      And now, you here to join me in my journey of creating a better world through books, stories, and community. Thank you!

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