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As an educator owned bookstore, Tuma's Books believes in every child's access to both mirror texts (stories that reflect their identities and lived experiences) and window texts (stories that provide authentic glimpses into others' worlds) to be thoughtful readers and people. 

We partner with schools, day cares, and community organizations to provide diverse and inclusive reads for their students/members. 

With your generous donations and a portion of Tuma's Books profits, we can offer free diverse books that reflect the identities of the students and/or community members being served. 

Explore open wish lists/registries below and consider supporting through direct book donations. #ItTakesAVillage or you can make a monetary donation via Paypal. Funds will be used to equitably purchase titles from wish lists/registries on a rotating basis until fully fulfilled.

To request free diverse books, submit this Book Donation Request form for the chance to receive FREE Diverse books for your classroom or organization. 



Free diverse book program - book donations, teacher book wishlist

As of April 1st, we were able to fulfill 5 titles from the wish list. We will keep the request available for April until we get another request. Thank you for your support! 

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Past Fulfilled Donation Requests:

February 2024: Through our Free Diverse Books Fund and generous reader donations, we were able to send 30/36 requested titles to Ms. Darhumb in Denver, CO!

As a part of Black History Month, Florida Pitt Waller invited families to read picture books to every class in their school on February 21st, 2024. The event was a hit! Thank you for your support. 

Free Diverse Books for schools and events; request books or donate

November 2023: Tuma's Books sent to Brooke in Charleston, SC, who is a Foster Care Caseworker. In her role, Brooke gets to recruit, train, assess, and support foster families. It’s extremely important to her to have diverse resources to share with foster families so that children in their home have books, toys, and media that reflect the culture, appearance, religion, etc. of the child(ren) that enters their home through foster care. Many of the kids are being removed from all they know and her hope is to provide some comfort for the children in homes by having resources and experiences that don’t reinforce the message that they don’t belong. I'm happy that I was able to send some culturally identity-affirming picture books, along with two Brooke purchased herself.

Free Diverse Books

September 2023: Tuma's Books donated a stack of books to Neighborhood Washington. We were more than happy to support an organization that promoted housing, economic, and educational access to vulnerable communities. Learn more at 

September Book Donation 

August 12, 2023: Tuma's Books distributed up to 50 books to kids in the community at a Back to School event in the Bronx, NY.

June 2023: We raised $215 in donations and I was able to fulfill these two requests! =) Free Diverse Books went to a Little Free Library Stewardess in Staten Island, NY who takes care a several libraries. We also sent an amazing selection of children's books to a 4th Grade teach in Las Vegas, NV. Her child submitted the request on her mother's behalf as a surprise. This teacher purchases books out of her own pocket, even when they get damaged or don't get return because she strives to give her kids the diverse books so that they can find books that allow them to see themselves. I hope both communities love the books that I chose for them. Please continue to donate so we can support even more communities for July.


April 29th, 2023: La Central YMCA Healthy Kids Day. I was able to raise over $600 to distribute free books to kids in the South Bronx, one of the poorest communities in not only the Bronx but NYC. From one parent, "Such an amazing thing that happened today with the book giveaway! My son now has 3 new books added to the collection. One of which we read today for HW and enjoyed. Also made a purchase once I got home. Bless queen!" Tap here to enjoy a brief video highlight reel.


January 2023Katheleen Middle School in Lakeland, FL. Books were requested by Ms. Brown, an ESE (Special Education Teacher) who has been working there for three years and uses her class library often. Her students are mainly Black and Latine and she was seeking books about empowerment and knowing that it’s okay to be different. I hope her students are inspired by Becoming, Girl on Fire, and Pet

January 2023Little Free Library in East Oakland, CA. Requested by the library stewardess and founder, Josephine, East Oakland LFL services a low income neighborhood in East Oak, including a church and three schools (K-8) within a 2 block radius. Josephine was looking for books with LGBTQIA+ storylines/representation, as well as BIPOC authors, and The Lesbiana's Guide to Catholic School and Once More with Chutzpah definitely fit the bill!

December 17th, 2022Norwood Community Library, A Bronx Book Exchange Program. Brandon offers Free Books at 3400 Reservoir Oval East + on weekends at 169th Street and East Gun Hill Road when weather permits. Since August 26th, 2018!

Norwood Community Free Library

July 10th, 2022 DonationThe Bronx Collab, a co-working space at 3866 White Plains Rd, The Bronx, NY 10467. Tea hosted an amazing event for young entrepreneurs to showcase their talents. I was able to provide over 20 books for kids to take with them and build their home libraries.