Colección: Giving Back Reading Recs for Haiti

Our Giving Back Reading Recs provide readers with books that expand their perspectives on global issues from the voices of the people themselves. Proceeds from each sale are donated to respective grass root organizations providing essential humanitarian aid and service on the ground where it matters most.

Review our donation record document for full transparency of our collective impact.

Explore these curated books about Haiti by Haitian authors. With a population of 11.5 million people and 52.3% live at or below the poverty line ($3.20 USD), Haiti is the poorest country in the Latin America and the Caribbean region. Haiti continues to struggle with corruption, high unemployment rates, poor infrastructure, and inaccessible and ineffective education. BUT, they're empowering origin as the first Independent Black nation is what's always been awe-inspiring for me.

Every month, 20% of all sales of these titles will be donated to Haitian Health Foundation, an organization that promises to work continuously towards the wellbeing of children, women, and families to promote good health in their communities in the areas of healthcare, education, community development, and emergency relief.

Thank you for helping us support the people of the Haiti.