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[Book Feature] All the Lonely People by Mike Gayle (Caribbean Heritage Month)

What’s the last book that filled you up with the warm-fuzzies? You know the book that feels like a tight hug and has you grinning happily at the end?

If All the Lonely People by Mike Gayle is your June Book Club pick, prepare to be delighted as Jamaican immigrant Hubert rediscovers the world he’s turned his back on.

I feel like Hubert’s experiences and feelings will resonate with the current season of my life. Right now, I’m pretty overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities in my life as the “Operating Manager” of my family and “Eldest Daughter of Immigrant Parents.” In addition to how crappy society has been lately and how it feels like we’re going backwards as a country after several steps forward. Life can be so hard and I often wish I could escape into a cabin in the middle of nowhere leaving everything and everyone behind for a little bit. While I can’t just run away, I can escape into a novel that will guarantee the warm-fuzzies.

In phone calls to his daughter, Mr. Hubert has been pretending everything is all dandy with him, but his life is actually pretty darn dreary. But now his daughter is coming to a visit and he has to create the world he’s told her is his life. In his attempts to do so, he finds 2nd chance love, a reviewed friendship, and may have actually found the end to his loneliness if what caused it in the first place doesn’t send him back to his old ways.

I’m really looking forward to reading about Hubert’s journey, especially since it’s one of @‌heatherflynnstagram fave books.

Here are some other feel-good reads once you’re done with All the Lonely People, available on my Bookshop.org shelves:

Diverse Feel-Good Reads by Black, Indigenous, POc authors
- Teen Titans graphic novel series by Kami Garcia (Raven, Beast Boy, and Raven Loves Beast Boy)
-Grounded by Huda Al-Marashi, Aisha Saeed, S. K. Ali, and Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
- A Whole Song and Dance by Sarvenaz Tash

What other warm-fuzzy books do we all need to add to our TBRs?

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