New Book Releases - March 26th, 2024 - Tuma's Books

New Book Releases - March 26th, 2024

Today's New Book Releases are an eclectic mix. There's something for everyone!

March is almost wrapping up. The weather is still very BRISK in NYC. Not very spring-like, unfortunately. But it's perfect weather for staying inside, under a warm blanket, accompanied by a great read.

Anyway, let's get into this week's diverse new book releases by BIPoC authors!

* * *

Mama Wears a Hijab by Fifi Abu (Children's)

Our first new book release is Mama Wears a Hijab by Fifi Abu. Available in paperback and as a board book, this picture book celebrates the Muslim head-covering and the modern Muslim woman,. In this book, Arab American author-illustrator, Fifi Abu, creates a love letter from child to mother.

I love the funky, fun artwork from the front cover. Storytime will be a vivid read for all children alike. This book will also be perfect for Arab-American Heritage Month coming up in April or an early Mother's Day gift!

Mama Wears a Hijab by Fifi Abu

Burning Season by Kiki Swinson (Thriller)

Our next new book release for this week is a Black thriller that will set things on fire. Literally. In Burning Season by Kiki Swinson, we meet Alayna, a Black, female volunteer firefighter in Virginia. When money becomes tight, Alayna is pulled into a scheme to keep "quiet" about fires set for insurance claims. But when the situation starts "heating up" and the police get more involved, Alayna needs to find a way out without completely burning down the life she's built!
Wow! I don't read much thrillers, but I was hooked by a female firefighter, especially a Black woman. I've never seen Black woman as fighterfighters represented in fiction before. I know this book is going to be a wild ride for sure. The kind of book you consume in just a few days. So, definitely check it out. 
Burning Season - Kiki Swinson

Chlorine by Jade Song (Literary Fiction)

For our next new book release this week: Are you in the mood for some mermaid lore? A bit of magical realism? That's exactly what you'll be getting with Chlorine by Jade Song (what a beautiful name). With the paperback release, you have the chance to dive into a debut novel that blurs the line between a literary coming-of-age narrative and a dark unsettling horror tale. Chlorine is told form the POV of Ren Yu, a swimmer whose entire life revolves around the pool, but who deeply urges to be . . . a mermaid. And she's willing to do anything to be free. 
Chlorine by Jade Song
I hope you found some interesting reads for your TBR pile from this week's post! Let me know in the comments which book you think you'll enjoy most.
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