Tuma Book Rant: Bright Star by Yuyi Morales (Review)

"Sometimes silence tells you secrets."
With chillingly stunning artwork, Yuyi Morales' picture book Bright Star is truly something special. I couldn't stop staring at each page, my fingers caressing across subtle details in awe. The bright colors and varying textures were amazing. 
I don't believe this is my first time reading a bilingual story but I can't recall any others. While my Spanish is very rusty, there's enough context for most of the words. And even without understanding the Spanish (which you can easily look up), the message of the book is still beautifully conveyed. This is a powerful book for providing a different and more authentic narrative in regards to the borderlands where Mexico meets the US and the people who cross it. As well as what putting up a "border" truly means of the native plants and animals in the region. A second read-through almost brought me to tears when it all eventually came together in my mind.
But I think my most favorite part was at the end where Morales names the myriad of reasons for writing and illustrating this book. Each reason is more beautiful and touching than the one before it. 
Everyone should grab this gorgeous book, but especially if you have little people in your life to share it with. The text is lyrical and captivating, the illustrations are mind-blowing, and the discussions about migration that this picture book sparks are very much worth having with young people.
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