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Boogie in the Bronx!: Paperback with Audio & Video

Boogie in the Bronx!: Paperback with Audio & Video

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Joining Barefoot’s singalong collection, this upbeat story depicts residents of a high-rise apartment building in the Bronx, New York, who are dancing down to their neighborhood block party. From samba-dancing nurses to reggaeton-loving firefighters, this unique song-story introduces 10 kinds of Latin, Afro-Latin, and African American dance and music from throughout the Americas. Readers can count along in English and Spanish as they visit each floor of the building! Endnotes provide more information about the dance styles. Includes an online access link to original audio and video animation. Types of dance featured: Tango Salsa Reggaeton Samba Cumbia Mambo Hip-hop Rumba Merengue Conga Related to: Language, Latinx, Latina, Latino, City, Diverse, Movement, Dancer, Profession, Fiesta, Shake, Swing, Lively, Body, Step, Sound, Instrument, Counting, Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Classroom, Homeschool, Activity

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