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Edison by Pallavi Sharma Dixit

Edison by Pallavi Sharma Dixit

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  • Condition: New
  • Representation: Indian
  • Genre(s): Contemporary Fiction
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Winner of the Asian American Writers' Workshop Pages in Progress Prize

“A sparkling epic worthy of Bollywood’s silver screens.”
—Kirkus Reviews

“A delightful and perceptive jaunt into the heart of the Indian American community of New Jersey, Edison is a charming, often hilarious novel brimming over with life, laughter, and dreams worthy of the most outrageous Bollywood movies.”
—Chitra Divakaruni, author of Independence and Mistress of Spices

“Reading Edison, I kept feeling amazed that a single novel could do so much. Pallavi Sharma Dixit has given us an unforgettable love story, a riotous comedy, a tender coming-of-age tale, a history of an American city, and an homage to Indian cinema, told with all the romance and drama and verve of the movies. Edison is these things and more, a debut novel that arrives fully formed and brilliant. I am simply in awe of this book.”
—Nathan Hill, New York Times bestselling author of Wellness (Oprah’s Book Club) and The Nix

“Pallavi Sharma Dixit's Edison is as musical, unexpected, and over the top as the Bollywood that binds us. Get ready to laugh, cry, and dance your way through this necessary book.”
—S. Mitra Kalita, author of Suburban Sahibs

“A modern love story that will make your heart soar and a heartwarming tale that beautifully captures the transformation
of an American community, Edison is a literary gem.”
—Jafreen Uddin, Executive Director, Asian American Writers’ Workshop

Edison is a Bollywood-style love story brimming with song and dance, action and comedy, a love triangle, an angry parent, an evil villain, and cameos by real Bollywood stars—a hilariously entertaining masala film in the guise of literary fiction. Along the way, we glean bits of Indian film history and fall in love with an improbable cast of characters who inhabit Edison, New Jersey's Little India.

Prem Kumar is the wayward youngest son of a titan of New Delhi industry. Obsessed with Indian movies—what the world comes to know as Bollywood—and uninterested in his father’s business empire, he runs away to America hoping to make a smash hit film. Arriving at JFK Airport, where his dreams are promptly shattered, he hails a taxi that deposits him in an Indian immigrant neighborhood in Edison, New Jersey.

Not inclined to work hard, Prem finds a mattress to crash on and a job at an Exxon gas station, biding his time until he comes up with a plan for his future. But when he falls head-over-heels in love with Leena, the ambitious and dutiful daughter of Hemant Engineer, the owner of Edison’s first Indian grocery store, her father decrees that they can only marry once Prem has earned one million and one dollars. Desperate to be with Leena but afraid he doesn’t have what it takes, will Prem find a way to earn Hemant’s blessing?

Edison is a wild, romantic, laugh-out-loud love letter to life, community, friendship, and the Indian American community of Edison, New Jersey, where debut author Pallavi Dixit grew up.

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Pages: 472

Condition: New

Binding: Hardcover

Publisher: Third State Books

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Language: en

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